New Lazy Town Game Announced

We here at Aeropause have a fondness for all things Lazy Town, so you can imagine our giddiness when we heard the news about a new Lazy Town game coming next year for the 360, PS3 and PC. Not much has been said by publisher THQ, but they do mention that they are looking for new ways to market and branch out their kids franchises to not only the children, but to the tween audience as well.

Some of the plot details could change, but so far it looks like a Sportacus will have a moment of crisis after he injures himself while stretching out his hamstrings before a race. He cannot participate and loses his protectorship of Lazy Town to Robbie Rotten. Things go bad to worse for Sportacus as he finds his home, the Airship, is grounded due to mechanical difficulties, so he turns to food to calm his nerves, destroying hit fit body. It is up to Stephanie to try and find a way to shake Sportacus out of his funk and teach him how to get his groove back.

Now from all of that, I have to say that I am a bit disappointed with the concept so far. I mean, here we are, a great children’s classic, and it looks like they are totally pooching it, trying to deliver abstract drug messages through the concept of food. Is THQ drinking the kool-aid? And to put Robbie Rotten out their like some kind of Scarface like king of Lazy Town seems ridiculous. Even more crazy is that they are tying this into an extended prime time movie edition next April. Iceland I am done with your exported kids show. Way to let THQ, Nickelodeon and others ruin it. And even Stephanie seems exploited by the new game, with a more tween style and look

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