How to lose fat ,how to lose weight

What 2 do when u are fat
*try my way for 2 weecks and u will have greatest results.
First thing in the morning when u wakeup burn 2-3 tigarete and drink 1-2 cups of coffe.
Go directli to ur coputer and start pLay a game or something that will keep u there.
Eat something u want for 5 min.
Don't exercise dont make efort u dont need just play computer games.
If u need 2 eat, Don't ! Be strong! Make another coffe and tigarets!
Don't sleep more then 8h per day. Put ur clock ringing 2 prevent that.
U will have a unactive life and u will lose weight in no time.
U need 2 belive in yourself and in the program !
Do this everyday and u will get the perfect results in no time.

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