Games for Non-Gamers

So you haven’t played many games, but want to get your feet wet?

If you have 1 minute per game:

•Experience the compelling nature of even pared-down games by playing Boomshine.
•Help label the images of the web with a round of Google Image Labeler.
•Music Catch is so simple, you don’t even need to click your mouse; just move it around.
•See how a game can make a simple persuasive (if controversial) argument by checking out September 12.
If you have 5 minutes per game:

•Try out another fun game mechanic with Dolphin Olympics.

•Take a look at an “artsy” advergame: BMW’s PACE.
•Give a business sim a spin with Coffee Shop.
If you have over 30 minutes per game:

•Download FreeCiv, a free clone of Civilization, one of the best strategy games of all time.
•Try one of the first (popular) “casual” massively multiplayer online games launched in the US: Puzzle Pirates
•Experience America’s Army, the US Army’s recruiting game.
•Take the wheel in Trackmania Nations, a stunt driving game.

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