Description: A Herbal Smoke & Legal Bud Smoke enhancer, when you want a extra kick from your herbal smoke blends. Simply crush and sprinkle on your bed of your favorite herbal smoke to enhance your smoking experience. Adds an extra "boost" to ANY of our herbal smoke blends

Ingredients: A proprietary blend of exotic herbs & botanical extracts. Like: Extracts of: Rehmannia glutinosa, Artemisia absinthium, Chai Hu, Propolis, Polygonum multiflorum, Buplerum, Alpinia officinaruml, Griffonia simplicifolia , lian xu

Disclaimer: You must be a least 18 years old to order and possess the knowledge regarding this product. No warranties are expressed or implied for any reason by the seller. The purchaser agrees to hold harmless the seller in any event, regarding the use or misuse of this product. By purchasing and paying for this item, you are agreeing to this disclaimer.

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